water damage restoration and

water removal

Water damage can happen at any time. If your home needs repairs due to damage from water or flooding then TRC Restoration is the only phone call you need to make. We have been repairing water damage in Fort Worth homes for over 50 years. Water damage can come from many places; hot water heaters can break, severe weather, flooding, leaky pipes. You want a contractor who knows how to fix water damage and repair homes after a flooding. We are located right here in Tarrant County and have been serving the Fort Worth area for a long time.

Water damage restoration projects may include moisture removal and damage inspections, structural damage inspections, debris removal and cleanup, and build back or reconstruction. When restoring your home or business to its pre-flood condition, TRC Restoration will identify all signs of water damage and ensure that any water damaged materials are removed from your structure to prevent any future damage.

Venus Merideth

"Once I decided to work with TRC Restoration, I didn't have to worry any more. They took care of everything"

The Chiechis

"A water valve burst in our upstairs bathroom resulting in extensive water damage to the upstairs bedrooms and downstairs kitchen and dining room areas. TRC did an outstanding job in completing all the necessary repairs in a very timely fashion."


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