The Custom Cabinet Shop at TRC

More than just Pretty Faces:

What Makes Them Special:

 Many of our restoration and remodel projects involve cabinets and since we have total control over our shop we have the flexibility to build cabinets quickly and to your exact specifications. Our expert cabinet maker Otis Burkett has been crafting beautiful wood work for many years.


Keeping the cabinet shop here at our offices allows us to provide a higher quality product for our customers for less than the budget cabinets at large home improvement warehouses. With over 30 years experience and a passion for building, our team of carpenters can handle any job. We only use real, solid wood. Not particle board. We will also install and finish the cabinets if the customer requests it.





We have a team of 4 skilled craftsman in the shop that can do it all.  They make cabinets and install them. They also do other odds and ends work around job sites in order to ensure that home repairs and restorations go smoothly. Regardless of the task required, having a custom cabinet shop is one of the ways that Texas Reconstruction is able to set them selves apart from the competition. It has given us an advantage during our 50 years of operation and it is one of the many reasons why our customers are always so pleased with the home repair and restoration work they receive.


The benefits to the customer are two-fold. First, most cabinets that are put in homes these days are prefabricated and not custom to the actual house. We make only hard wood cabinets that is custom designed to fit in your home. On almost every project we've changed something about customers cabinets that they didn't like. Having access to an inhouse cabinet shop gives us that flexibilty to provide a better product for our customer.










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