Texas Reconstruction Company has been doing home repairs for fire damage, water damage and storm damage in Ft. Worth and surrounding areas for over 50 years. When you have a disaster due to fire, water or storm damage, Texas Reconstruction will quickly get the process started and repair the damage. We are local to Tarrant County and based out of Ft. Worth. We specialize in home repairs and restoration. Many contractors are not familiar with what it takes to properly restore a home after it has been damaged. We have years of experience as a professional general contractor. 


We work with Insurance companies and adjusters to make sure the home repair process goes smoothly and your home is restored to its pre-loss condition. Texas Reconstruction Company is a contractor that understands what you’re going through. No one wants their home to be damaged by fire, or water. But if that happens we will be available 24/7 to begin the repair process. Home repair costs in Ft. Worth can vary depending on the damage. Fortunately most insurance policies will cover the damage after a deductible is met. Home repair companies need to be experienced in working with insurance adjusters and get to work fast to doing the damage clean up and the damage repair.


There is no easy way to handle the home restoration process. You need a contractor who is local to Ft. Worth and who has been in business for 50 years. Our many years of experience is what will enable us to provide superior customer service while cleaning up after fire damage, water damage, or storm damage. We offer consistent service. Our team is always accessible and knowledgeable about what it takes to restore your home to its pre-loss condition.  Texas Reconstruction Company is the only phone call you need to make in order to get your house restored and get life back to normal.


It is also important to remember that you have total control over which contractor you use. The insurance company can make suggestions and provide options, but the choice of contractor is yours to make. You can chose whoever you’d like to do the home restoration process and the fire damage repair, water damage repair, or storm damage repair. We know there are many contractors in the Ft. Worth and Tarrant County. That’s why we rely on our 50 years of experience and our expertise in home repair and restoration to provide the best possible experience for you. We handle your situation with compassion and empathy. You don’t see that in a construction contractor these days.  But it’s that high level of service and compassion that makes Texas Reconstruction Company successful.


You never know when disaster will strike. When your home needs restoration repairs, and you need a contractor you can trust, remember to call Texas Reconstruction. We are local to Fort Worth and can be reached anytime, day or night. We will walk you through the repair process and get your home back to its pre-loss condition before the damage from fire, water or storm. We are committed to helping you get your life back to normal.