Getting Ready for the Unknown

August 3, 2015


I am an Eagle Scout. I know that is not super popular these days but nonetheless, I value my experiences and the knowledge I gained going through the Scouting program. The motto of the Boy Scouts has always been “be prepared.” This simple, yet profound mandate applies to any and all aspects of day-to-day living.


This can be especially true for home owners. There are certain steps and policies homeowners can put into place in order to decrease the change for serious damage.  Damage to a home from fire, water or storms can bring various levels of damage and repairs. Insurance policies will help to mitigate costs, but the hassle of needing to rebuild after a fire, flood or storm can be alleviated by choosing a good general contractor.


No one plans on having a fire. No one plans on having a flood. No one plans on having a storm. However, we all know that the possibility of getting your house damaged by a fire, or flood or a storm is real. We see it happen to our neighbors, families, and friends.  As those we know and care about scramble to find a good general contractor it reminds us that perhaps we can be doing more to prepare for the inevitable.  We can revisit our insurance policy and make sure our limits are adequate. We can make sure we have smoke detectors, emergency water shut off, contingency plans for neighbors to shut off the water if we are gone from the house when disaster strikes.  We can be prepared.


When disaster strikes, remember that you can have your choice in contractor. Texas ReConstruction has been helping homeowners in the Dallas and Fort Worth area for over 50 years. We know what you’re going through. We can help prepare you for the mess of insurance adjusters, mortgage paper work, schedule chaos and general frustration that comes with home repairs and reconstruction. Preparation goes a lot easier when you’re being guided by a professional. We are active in serving our community and we treat your home as if it were our own. Be prepared to be amazed with the service you receive from Texas ReConstruction.


Just like Eagle scouts, being prepared in all things will make your life easier. Choosing Texas ReConstruction will make your home repairs and restoration smoother.

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