The Core Values

August 3, 2015


Texas Reconstruction is growing. It’s exciting. The Dallas and Fort Worth area is becoming more crowded and busier every day.  There are lots of opportunities for things to go wrong in people’s houses. As Texas Reconstruction continues to take good care of our customers, be active in the community and provide quality home restoration services, we continue to add more and more customers.


This last spring brought a massive amount of rain water, flooding and damage to homes. This brought an influx of new business and new opportunities for us to show the community how valuable we can be. As the leadership team at Texas Reconstruction met yesterday to discuss our goals moving forward, expansion and growth was at the top of everyone’s issues list.

We are excited to grow and expand as we search for ways to be more efficient and provide better home repair and restoration services. We are always looking for great personnel to bring on board the Texas Reconstruction team. We have a system of core values we use to screen our applicants and only bring in new employees when they show that they value the same things the rest of us do.


Texas Reconstruction is not looking for people who try hard to live up to our core values. We are looking for team members who live the core values naturally and come hard wired to do their best work each day and in each customer’s home. Our core values guide us in all we do.

  • Be honest and act with integrity. We always do the right thing, even if that isn’t what is best for our bottom line. We feel that, ultimately, acting with integrity and treating the customer like we would treat our own family will benefit us in the long run.

  • Be professional but have fun. This one is easy. Texas Reconstruction is a family. It is family owned and family operated and has been for 50 years. We take our reconstruction work serious. We work hard, but we play hard too. We golf, BBQ, swim, go to Rangers games, etc. We make work-fun.

  • Take pride in your work and be accountable.  Texas Reconstruction has been doing home repair and restoration work in Dallas and Fort Worth for a long time. We know what we're doing and we're proud of the quality of work we put out. We take responsibility for the jobs we do. Things always go wrong. We accept that. However, we will always fix things when they do. Always.

  • Always learn, adapt and adjust. This is essential in the reconstruction business. The Dallas and Fort Worth area is growing and changing. The way we do business now is not the way we did it 50 years ago. Texas Reconstruction uses technology and modern business practices to give our customers the best, smoothest home repair process they could hope for.

We are always on the lookout for potential employees who live these principles naturally. We want to hire the right people. We want to enrich the lives of our community. We hope to grow and expand right alongside the community. As the community grows and continues to need good general contractors who know how to get things done right, Texas Reconstruction will be ready.

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