Water Mitigation in Fort Worth

August 3, 2015


Branching Out:

Today at Texas ReConstruction we are busy unpacking boxes of brand new water mitigation equipment. We have always been a full service cleaning and restoration business, but now we are taking that service to an entirely new level. With the purchase of brand new water removal and drying equipment we are able offer even better customer service as home owners go through the repair process here is Fort Worth and the surrounding metroplex.


Typically, when a home owner discovers water damage, the first call is to the Insurance agent. This is a ok for a starting point, but unfortunately it sets the customer on a path of reconstruction being done the way the insurance company wants it done. They are going to do the absolute bare minimum required by law. Part of their plan is to divide the various stages of work between contractors. One contractor for the water damage, one for smoke, one for construction, one for cleaning, etc. This makes the insurance company happy because each company will not over estimate the amount and extent of damages in order to give themselves extra work. A mentality like this, makes the contractors look bad, and creates unnecessary headaches for the home owner, since they have to deal with 4 or 5 different contractors just to get their house put back together. It can be a nightmare for homeowners.


Texas Reconstruction offers full service cleaning and restoration. We can come into your home and take care of every phase of the drying and reconstruction process. Insurance companies have big nationwide contracts with big nationwide companies for services. We are local. We are active in the community and have been doing water damage repair and reconstruction for 50 years.

Now with our extended service offerings, we have one more way that we can be the only call you need to make when your home is damaged. We have been offering water damage repair and reconstruction in the Dallas and Fort Worth area for decades. No one knows the area and its home owners better than Texas Reconstruction.  


The insurance companies don’t explain that the home owner has complete control over the repair process. If you want one company to deal with, then you are fully empowered to make that decision without letting the insurance company dictate the terms of your water damage repair process.


As we unpack, label and begin to market our new water mitigation equipment and in-house water damage repair services, we want to teach and inform the home owner about their rights. You can maintain so much more control over the drying, repair and reconstruction process by having one and only one contractor to deal with. That contractor should be Texas Reconstruction.

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