Update to the Al Hearne Rebuild

February 15, 2016


Texas ReConstruction has really gotten ourselves in deep now. ...in a good way.  Partnering with Rebuilding Toghether again, we're now getting started on a full rebuild in Dallas. The home owner is Navy veteran, Al Hearne. His home was burned in a fire three years ago from faulty wiring in the HVAC system. He did not have the money to do get the repairs done and was discovered by Rebuilding Together. Al works as an EKG technician at the VA Hospital in Dallas. The project will be a full rebuild on the inside, as well as a new roof. There are lots organizations that are also getting involved to get the project done. Large companies and small ones, alike have pledged thousands of dollars, hours of support and teams of volunteer labor.



The project has received so much attnetion because of who Al is and how he has been working so hard to provide for his children and grandchildren despite the challenges he faces with his home. Al was not looking for any help, in fact, Rebuilding Together found him and offered to help him after they were able to meet and learn a bit more about his story. Rebuilding Together was able to secure funding, materials and labor for the project, but lacked the expertise required to manage a project of this size and scope.


And that is were TRC comes in. We are acting as the general contractor. Our specialty is in restoration contracting. Rebuilding Together reached out to us as a potential partner on the rebuild and as soon as we met Al and learned his story, we knew we were going to get involved. TRC loves giving back to communities and especially veterans. This is our fourth veteran project we've been involved in less than a year. Giving back to veterans is the best way we can think of to say "Thank you" for their service.  


We have already done an interview with Al so that others can hear his story and hopefully, let it inspire them as it did us. We will continue to document the progress of the rebuild and share it with the website and on social media.  There are lots of ways to get involved. Please check out our Community Page, as well as our Fundraiser for the project found at www.bucketsforbuilding.com



 Also, you can check out a portion of my interview with Al. He is talking about his experience at the VA hospital, and what it means to be a veteran and working with other veterans. 



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