Smoke and Odor Removal:

After a fire, many homeowners are afraid their house will never feel like home again. Even with the fire contained and extinguished for several days, the lingering smell of smoke can be a depressing thing. This is where the professionals at Texas ReConstruction come in. We have 50 years of experience as a general contractor in the Fort Worth area, eliminating smoke and odor from homes damaged by fire. We are a full service general contractor with all the right connections and expertise to make the restoration work on your home go painlessly.


We have many resources available that can help to completely eliminate any odor that is left over from smoke damage. We can also evaluate the various repairs that are needed to the home as well as assess what portions of the house need to be replaced completely. It is critical when doing these sorts of estimations to understand that there is a difference in restoring and repairing a home versus completely building a house from scratch. We are experts in the restoration and reconstruction industry.


Many of our customers are surprised when they visit a job site to see that even though we did not remove all the wall studs and ceiling beams, there is no longer a smoke odor in the home. Additionally, we seamlessly transition the home from the odor and smoke removal process into the reconstruction and repair process after the fire damage. If you have a fire disaster in Fort Worth or the surrounding metroplex, don’t hesitate to call Texas ReConstruction. Our customers are surprised how well we communicate with them and get repairs moving ahead of schedule. We build relationships with those with whom we work and professionally handle home repairs after fire, water and storm damages. We can also do remodels and repair vehicle impact damage.


No matter how bad the fire damage is to your home; no matter how strongly the smoke odor may be, Texas ReConstruction is able to eliminate the smells, repair damaged portions of the home and replace the portions that are beyond repair. We know it can be scary and depressing to have a fire. We will make the repair process as easy as it can be.