Tornado Damage Repair in Fort Worth

Stormy weather is a part of life in Fort Worth. There are always big storms, strong winds and hail. Sometimes the bad weather can turn into a tornado.  If your home needs tornado damage repair in Fort Worth, one call to Texas ReConstruction is all you need. Texas ReConstruction has been doing home repairs and restoration in the Dallas and Fort Worth area for over 50 years.  Tornados damage can range from minor roof damage to complete destruction of a home.  As we have seen in the pass, Tornados can happen in Fort Worth just about any time of the year. The best plan is to always be ready.


When tornados damage your home, you will have lots of options to consider. Your home may need to be tarped up to prevent further damage from water or wind. Texas ReConstruction can handle all phases of the board up or tarp up. We will then work with your insurance carrier to ensure that you are guided through the claims process and receive the full value of the tornado damage. It can be difficult to manage all the paper work and phone calls that the insurance company will put you through. Luckily Texas ReConstruction has been helping homeowners with Tornado Damage in Fort Worth for a long time.


Texas ReConstruction has an A+ rating with the BBB. We are a small, family owned and operated business in Fort Worth. That means that no matter what time the tornado hits, when you call us, you’ll talk to a live person.  We have only one person you’ll need to communicate with during the repair process to your home. That makes staying up to date on the status of your repairs easy and worry free.


The last thing you want when dealing with the stress that comes with tornado damage to your home, is the additional stress of having a reconstruction contractor that doesn’t communicate, is hard to get a hold of, and who doesn’t understand what you’re going through. That will not happen at Texas ReConstruction. We have a local, family owned company. We live in the same communities you do. If your home has been damaged and you need tornado damage repair in Fort Worth or the surrounding cities, please call Texas ReConstruction and let us make the repair and reconstruction process as worry free as it can be.

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